VTTV Digital Advocacy

Helping those without a voice to be heard

Are you trying to advocate for a loved one in jail, prison, or who doesn’t have access to the online world? Are you intimidated by the idea of creating a website, blog or social media presence for them?



Who We Are

We assist people and the support networks of people who are physically isolated from the online world either in jails, prisons, hospitals, immigration detention or similarly isolated situations. We help them establish a basic easy to use website, blog or social media account to communicate with the world and then train them or their intermediary to use and update it allowing them a digital home base to tell their story or communicate to the outside word including the media and to advocate for themselves or loved ones. We work free of charge & are applying for nonprofit status.


How to ask us for help.

Please read our FAQ page as well as our page on requesting assistance and then contact us by email via the online contact form.


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