Why do we ask such detailed questions in the application area?

We realize that some of these questions are personal and can feel invasive. We ask these questions for two primary reason.

That reason is there are certain situations of detention that expressly forbid a sentenced inmate or person being held pre-trial from publishing certain information. Those held under Communication Managment restrictions or what are called SAMS (Special Administrative Measures ) These restrictions when violated can end up with a person being given a shot that could lead them to be put in segregation / solitary confinement, lose good time or have additional time added to their sentence . Additionally, some administrations can decide that something like selling artwork is running a business which can often be something that can result in a shot being issued.

We try and be as aware of the situation and restrictions the inmate or detained person is under so as to not unintentionally create more problems for them , and so knowing the exact situation in as much detail as possible can allow us to advise the support persons of certain negative possibilities.

The other reason we ask the questions is that we don’t , and we think this is fair, we don’t want to give a platform to someone who we suspect might use it to stalk, re-victimize or abuse someone, or use it to scam people .

Of course we can’t think of all the possibilities and ultimately we cannot be held responsible for any negative repercussions that occur, but we do like to have some idea of what the possible ramifications might be, which is why we ask those questions . So we can get as complete picture as possible . The information in the application goes directly to us, does not get seen by any 3rd party and is not retained by us for any use besides the ones stated here.

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