Warrant Canary

February 29, 2020

Warrant Canary

Existing and proposed laws, especially as those related to the US Patriot Act, as well as security laws and law enforcement in Canada dictate the authority to issue secret warrants, searches and seizures of data from online users. These laws can cause criminal penalties for revealing the warrant, search or seizure, disallowing disclosure related to these events that would negatively affect both the users of a service and VTTV (Voice To The Voiceless) / Blei.org . The principals and employees of Voice To The Voiceless / Blei.org must comply with such warrants and their provisions for secrecy.

Due to these circumstances, Blei Digital Advocacy – VTTV (Voice To The Voiceless) / Blei.org stands prepared and will make available, on a monthly basis, a “warrant canary” in the form of a message containing the following:

A declaration that states, up to the stated point of time, no warrants have been served, nor have any searches or seizures taken place. This will also include a pasted headline from a selected major news source, establishing and as a verification on the true date of issue. Special note should be taken if these messages ever cease being updated or are unchanged for more than thirty (30) days, or are removed from this page.

It’s important to note that Voice To The Voiceless / Blei.org is run off a WordPress template and hosted by WordPress.com and has no control over whatever software, or disclosures by them in as our hosting . Additionally we use Gmail as our primary email for this organization and further have no way of knowing what warrants and or requests by law enforcement may have been disclosed by them in relation to us or our users.

As of February 29, 2020 Voice To The Voiceless / Blei.org .com (“Voice To The Voiceless / Blei.org ”) has not received any National Security Letters , FISA court orders, or requests from law enforcement for information on any of our users and we have not been subject to any gag order(s) by a FISA court, or any other similar court(s) of any government. Voice To The Voiceless / Blei.org has never placed any backdoors in our website.

When we speak of the functionality of this canary we speak of requests from either the United States or the government of Canada ( where the webmaster resides) to disclose information about our users or advertising partners  and has not received any requests to do so.  We have never disclosed any user communications to any third party. No searches or seizures of any kind have ever been performed on Voice To The Voiceless / Blei.org assets. Should this notice disappear and or not be updated or any mention of our canary passing away appear you should assume we have been at least contacted by law enforcement regarding one of our users. Where legally possible we will disclose publicly when that happens and when not legally possible due to a gag order or FISA request you should look for changes or lack of updating on future pages. We are next due to update our status between now and February 4th 2020 .

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