How to request our assistance

This page is under construction and is not in it’s final form

There are two people that must participate in this process if one of them is in detention, prison or jail. The first entity’s the intermediary the person who is going to manage the website or blog on behalf of the other person who is the subject . The subject is the person who the website or blog is for or about . If the subject is not in detention and has access to the internet then they may apply directly with no intermediary.

In order to request our assistance, we first need to know some basic information about both the intermediary and the subject by having our basic online application filled out HERE

Though there are a great deal of in depth questions there. There is no one answer to any question that is immediately disqualifying.

We’d like to understand the purpose of the platform your asking us to create for you or the subject . It doesnt have to have one specfic purpose, but a general idea of the goals. It can be used for anything including a blog or diary, poetry, artwork, fiction or non fiction writing. There is no one right or wrong goal.

There is no limitation on who can ask for assistance we have helped people who are doing long term involuntary stays in –

  • Psychiatric hospitals, both regular and forensic ,
  • People who have loved ones who are stuck either on the other side of a border or in ICE custody.
  • People being detained in foreign countries.
  • People in jail, prison, or supermax as well as people on death row & facing execution.
  • People in foreign prisons.
  • People who are in the U.S.A illegally
  • Refugees fleeing war
  • Victims of persecution
  • People suffering from agoraphobia
  • people stuck in hospitals or homes on ventilators

If your situation is not listed above, you should apply anyway, as there is no comprehensive list of the situations that cause people to isolated

Please do keep in mind that we reserve the right to refuse to assist any person without providing a reason. Additionally our services may not be used in order to harass, intimidate, threatened or extort any person or entity.

We also need to know who will be managing the site. Quite often especially in U.S prisons people at held in communication management units that particularly have rules preventing inmates from communicating to the outside world. Usually then we will work with an intermediary. Either the family member or support person who will take information from the subject and post it on the website

Additionally, if you are imprisoned at least in the U.S you have no access to the internet, though many prisons now have email that allows you to write to family and friends. The intermediary can either take the content of your emails and edit copy and post them or can post on your behalf explaining what’s going on with the detainee.

It is often better to have the intermediary post using their name as the content creator versus publishing content under the subjects name as the first situation would be deemed their content about you whereas copying your content directly and posting as you could be considered the detainee publishing content which may be considered a violation in certain situations of incarceration.

Because it is often necessary to have an intermediary actually post the content. We need to train the intermediary. Which is usually done online and on the phone and usually is under an hour of total time .

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