Q- How much does this cost?

A- My services through this advocacy come without charge if you are accepted as a client. There are certain optional additions to the space we create for you that you might choose such as assigning a professional domain to the site that require a fee to a domain service, but that is not anything we charge you for. We will explain how it works & where to go. However those options are not required. You can create a fully functional web platform without ever buying a domain and are only on request. We can create your website, blog and social media accounts without any cost.

Q-Will you help me if I’m guilty, not guilty or something else?
a- YES

Q- Why do you ask such detailed / invasive questions in the application form?

A– Please see our answer to this HERE

Q- Why do you do this?

A- It is a form of giving back. It is not a complicated process, but it is one that intimidates people who have never created content online before. It allows a population of people who are isolated from the broader world to make deeper connections , and helps people doing activism have a central area to point people to in order to humanize the issues at hand and it makes me feel good to help people.

Q- Do the websites or blogs have to be used for activism?

A- No, the content can be anything. Sometimes it’s used to serve as a central place to feature a diary, poetry, artwork. Sometimes as an online resume to prepare for release l We do not require any particular end goal for the person whose content is used.

Q- Do you assist people on death row or who are facing execution, life without parole etc.?

A- Yes.

Q- Who doesn’t qualify as a candidate? / Why do you require details of the offense for those incarcerated? / Why do you maintain the ability to log into the site after it’s created?

A- While there is no question asked on the application form that immediately disqualifies someone from getting our help we are sensitive about the possibility of someone using the platform we create for them to harass , stalk or defame people from behind prison walls. If we feel that the end goal of the platform will be used to do any form of stalking or harassment, we will refuse to create the platform or pull down existing site that has been created. We know that often someone trying to assert a claim of innocence needs to provide details of the crime, that can be done however without encouraging or giving direct contact information about a person .

Additionally, if we suspect or are asked to help someone use the platform in order to run to facilitate the breaking of the law ,or scamming any person we will not create the platform.

Q- Can I do fundraising or sell art through the site?

A- We can link the site to a fundraising platform like GoFundMe, or PayPal, we however cannot and will not be able to administrate or assist with those activities.

Q- Can you upload content for me?

A- Yes, but you must also participate in training so that you have the ability to upload content without our help. Trainings are conducted online & on the phone simultaneously through screen sharing sites like GoToMeeting & most training sessions take a single half hour of time.

Q- Can you assist me with using a .com or similar domain on the site.

A- Yes. You must create your own account with a registrar to purchase and maintain your domain registration, but we can assist you in creating that account and attaching a domain to the platform. We will never ask you for money & you can have a fully functioning web platform without buying a domain.

Q- Can you help me advertise or promote the site?

A- I can as part of training assist you in understanding the promotion of the site on inexpensive platforms like Facebook and Twitter as well as discuss how keywords and SEO optimization works. After that lesson you should know everything you need to in order to do basic promotion & optimization yourself.

Q- Can you help me build another website for a different project?

A- I am not a website designer per se. My specialty is in digital media, which is either advertising, or selling advertising for an online entity as well as promotion planning & optimization but that doesn’t include website design. If you are interested in finding out about my services professionally please fill out the contact form on this site and we will arrange a call. I am employed full time, Past helping you establish this basic platform and teaching you how to use & promote it. I may be able to refer you to someone for assistance in your other projects.

Q- What do I need to have in order to move forward with your help?

A- Please  fill out the stage 1 form, or use the contact area or simply email us at vttvdigital@gmail.com.  Also if you can make sure that you have a dedicated Gmail address which is free of charge. If you don’t have one, please create one at Gmail.com if you need assistance with this, please let us know