I am not troubled about the fact that you or your loved one may be guilty of the crime that you or they are in prison for.

After doing a number of projects through VTTV, I’ve noticed that occasionally the loved ones of supporters of people who I’ve been asked to create platforms for get very concerned and sometimes frankly obsessive about communicating to me of either the innocence or the unfair prosecution of them or their loved ones.

To that I say first, I never have to be convinced of the unfairness of the American court system.

The second thing I need to communicate is that at least a quarter of the people we have helped are very open about their guilt, sometimes they have told me this while on death row, and while admitting guilt of honestly heinous crimes.

To be totally blunt, and for my own reasons that I’m not going to bother to explain I honestly don’t care about the fact that many of the people I help are guilty of the crimes they are in prison for.. it will not stop me from helping anyone and I have never yet refused to help someone because of their crime.

The only thing that would immediately stop from helping someone is if the platform I created for them was used to further harass , stalk or victimize someone.

If creating the platform might be used against them by the courts or the prison administration.

If creating the platform is against the wishes of the person who is in prison or on trial or if the platform is being created against the advice of you or your loved ones defence lawyers.

Other than that, I would only refuse to create a site for practical reasons, such as limitations on my time ( in which case I would simply delay working on the project until I had the time . We do sometimes have a waiting list) and or frankly if you are bonkers and end up harassing me .

You do not have to invest your time in writing me explanations as to why you, or your loved one are not guilty or were unfairly convicted.

If you say you or your loved one were unfairly convicted I believe you.

If you say that you or your loved one is innocent I believe you.

If you or your loved one say you or they are guilty, I believe you and also do not particularly care.

Just so you know, we can all save a lot of time and energy in trying to convince me of you or your loved ones innocence and take that time to use making the best website possible for you or your loved one.


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